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Janger dance

Thursday, 02 December 2010 09:00:06
Is a kind of social dance, especially for the young couple, who is very popular in Bali is conducted by approximately 10 pairs of young people. During the last dance of the female dancers (Janger) and groups of male dancers (Kecak) dancing and singing together. In general the songs are good in accordance with the nature of their lives. Gamelan music used to accompany dance called Janger Batel equipped with a pair of gender wayang. Emergence Janger in Bali expected to twentieth century, the development of dance sanghyang. If kecak the development of the male chorus, while the development of jangernya a female choir.

Play Janger brought in, among others: Arjuna Wiwaha, Sundanese Upasunda and others. Janger dance can be found in almost all areas of Bali, each region has its own variations in accordance with local tastes.

* At the Tabanan area Janger dance performances usually equipped with Dag role (one dressed like a Dutch army general with improvisational gestures which sometimes gives the command to Janger and Kecak dancers).

* In the village Metra (Bangli) there Janger dance at the end of the show the dancers always kerauhan
* In the village Sibang (Badung) there Janger dance accompanied by gamelan Gong Kebyar the local community called Janger Gong.

Janger Sekaa is now still active include Janger Kedaton (Denpasar) and Janger Singapadu (Gianyar).
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